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Aprendizaje Recursos GeoVision MicroPro 48-piece set Microscopio [Importado]
Perfect for individual or classroom use, the glass eyepieces and power settings from 50X to 600X pro..
Globo inflable
These fun colorful borders come complete with four decorative corners to give displays a finishing t..
Learning Resources - Alimento de juguete (LER7201) [Importado]
Learning to count and recognize numbers is a sweet treat with these colorful counting cookies. Inclu..
Learning Resources - Cerebro educativo (9,6 cm)
Students can look inside their own heads with this realistic model.- Features cerebellum, frontal, p..
Learning Resources - Contador de tiempo (60 minutos)
A little cheer goes a long way when teaching kids time management skills.# Features pop-up button an..
Learning Resources - Figura educativa de esqueleto humano
Construye un esqueleto humano de aspecto realista de pies a cabeza la exploraci-n de c-mo los huesos..
Learning Resources - Juego de bingo con el abecedario
Learning Resources Alphabet Bingo GameAlienta a los niños a desarrollar el reconocimiento de letrasH..
Learning Resources - Juego de bloques para bebé (LER0918) [Importado]
Demonstrate the relationship among shape, size and volume with this set of 14 clear plastic geometri..
Learning Resources - Juego de cartas Flash [Importado]
Hot Dots ® Phonics Program Hot Dots-Powered Phonics Fun! Now there's an exciting new sequential phon..
Learning Resources - Juego de construcción para niños
This set of 500 plastic cubes in 10 colors connect on all six sides. Easy for little hands to connec..
56,12€ 30,27€ -46%
Learning Resources - Juego de figuras geométricas (en estuche de plástico)
Nosotros en Early Childhood Resources (ECR) comprometidos con el desarrollo y la distribuci-n de los..
18,91€ 12,35€ -35%
Learning Resources - Juego de regletas de Cuisenaire (plástico)
Cada color representa un diferente longitud de la varillaSe utiliza para reforzar: Suma y resta, fra..
Learning Resources - Juego de vehículos para aprender a contar (72 unidades)
Great party favors! Whimsical vehicles shift imaginations into high gear. Set of 72 includes car, tr..
Learning Resources - Juego educativo de sumas y restas (en inglés)
Math becomes an adventure with this addition and subtraction game that takes kids on a journey throu..
Learning Resources - Juego grande de sellos de caucho
Increase motivation and recognize every achievement with this set of 30 jumbo stamps. Brightly color..